Unionpluscard Online Bill Payment

Union Plus Card logoUnionpluscard Online Bill Payment – Union Plus Card is a specialized card with benefits, specifically designed to meet the needs of union members and their families. Whether you are a retiree, union member or a family member of a union member, you can log on to Www.Unionpluscard.Com, and look at the different deals you can avail through your card. By purchasing through this card, you can avail several benefits, in addition to significant discounts and savings.

Bill Payment Methods at Www.Unionpluscard.Com

If you are a Union Plus Card holder, you can pay back your bills through a number of payment methods. Choose among the following:

  • You can call their customer service center at 1-800-622-2580, provide your credit card, debit card or bank account details, and make the payment. You may either follow instructions in their automated phone system, or talk to a customer service representative to pay the bill using your card or bank account
  • You may visit a Union Plus Card agent near you, and pay the bill in cash
  • You may drop your payment check in a Union Plus Card drop box near you
  • You may send your payment check or money order to the company’s mailing address by post
  • You may register to their AutoPay service, so that your bill is automatically deducted from your bank account or charged against your credit card
  • You may create an account at Www.Unionpluscard.Com, so that you can log in to it, and use your payment details to pay the bill
  • First of all, log on to https://www.capitalonecardservice.com/ecare/home_nli?&locale=en_US&brand=UP_000_000
  • Enter your login ID and password in the ‘Secure Login’ section, and click on ‘Login’
    Unionpluscard Online Bill Payment
  • If you are a new user, you can create an account by clicking on the ‘Register’ buttonUnionpluscard Online Bill Payment
  • You will be redirected to your account web page, from where you can view your account details, and pay your bill

Customer Service

1-800-622-2580 is their 24/7 customer service number. For technical support, you may call them at 1-866-406-8692. You may also send them an email regarding your query or concern.

Useful Tips About The Company

If you are a union member, retiree or family member of a union member, then you can log on to Www.Unionpluscard.Comand apply for a Union Plus Card online. After that, you may also check your application status over the Internet.

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